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I have started doing my own design work over the last couple years for gigs and music releases. Here are a few examples: 

Conway Brothers Trio Live at Jenks May 21 2022.jpg
Kent Art and Wine Fest Flyer_Final.png
Live January 21 2022.png
Pre-Thanksgiving BASH! (1).png
Chowder House Gig 7-22-21.jpg
Pretty Hideous_Slightly Unsightly_FINAL.png
Quite Delightful_Seemingly Meaningless_Final Artwork.png
Jenks Gig Poster_Feb19 2022.png
Conway Bros Live _ Divine March 11, 2022.jpg
Divine October 2021 Final.png
Lenny Paul & Corey Conway live at Chowder House 6-17-21.png
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