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air.MONO is a new project launched in September of 2023 featuring a unique mix of guitar driven hip-hop and electronic instrumentals. 

air.MONO Artwork.JPG

2021 Solo Project

These tracks were the product of spending countless hours in the basement studio during the pandemic. I played all the instruments on most of these tracks. 

Quite Delightful_Seemingly Meaningless_Final Artwork.png
Quite Delightful_Seemingly Meaningless_Credits_FINAL.png
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Pretty Hideous_Slightly Unsightly_FINAL.png
Pretty Hideous_Slightly Unsightly_Credits_FINAL.png


This is a session that I did a few years back with Chris Platis and Brian Piper....

Grungy Akron Rock n' Roll !!!!

...The Conway Brothers Classic debut album Told Ya So!!!

...The first new solo tracks with me on every instrument!!

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